Your Guide to Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is approaching quickly – here’s a quick guide to perfecting your party.


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Fiesta List

1. Food

Make a burrito / taco bar with:  flour and corn tortillas, chicken, carnitas, and sofrita fillings, and toppings such as: rice, Mexican cheese,  shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, corn salsa and of course, guacamole. Tres leches cake and churros for dessert, por favor y gracias.


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 2. Drinks

The necessities: tequila, limes, and Mexican brews.
Add fresh fruit and your preferred margarita
ingredients and don’t forget the salt!

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3. Decorations

This is a celebration; decorations should be everywhere – on the table, the walls and even on you.  Make your fiesta the most festive by adding Bright Colors, Cacti, Cocktail Umbrellas, Flowers, Mexican Flags, Pinatas, and Sombreros. Anything that will make you smile, basically.

4. Music

This one requires only a decent pair of speakers and a wifi connection – you can find #CincoDeMayo playlists on your favorite music apps for free.

5. Stoneware

Our Limited Edition Tapas line from the Fire collection is bold, durable, AND on sale this weekend, along with a few other fiesta-defining pieces. Taco ’bout a party.

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