Tips for Throwing the Perfect Tea Party

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Throwing the perfect tea party is all about attention to detail. From tea time essentials to delectable macaron meringue cookies, tea parties are all about bringing old friends together and entertaining new ones in an elegant setting! Read on to learn how to throw the perfect afternoon tea party!


Set the mood of your tea party by sending out invitations about a month in advance. Use delicate materials for your invitations, such as lace or unique paper. By sending true paper invitations via mail, it will make an impact, considering most invitations are now done online. If your tea party is formal, be sure to set place cards for your guests who RSVP’d!

Traditional tea parties take place in the afternoon. Tea parties are great for all ages but, if you prefer an adult-only tea party, be sure to specify that on the invitation. If kids are welcome, make that clear as well. Whether the party will take place at your own home or a venue, be sure to put an address.

Be sure to strongly communicate the theme for the party, along with a dress code, so your guests know how to properly prepare. This might be the only “dress up” opportunity that most people get. Consider business casual for a more relaxed vibe, or go more exuberant with intricate hats, skirts, and dresses. Who doesn’t love a good dress-up party?


Flowers, sugar, and glassware are the three necessities you need for a true tea party aesthetic. Traditionally, a cake stand is the center of attention at any tea party. It usually features scones, little cakes, and sandwiches and sits the highest on the largest table. Make yours truly unique with an upturned bowl and plate, sure to wow your guests.

Surrounding tables and surfaces should be filled with teapots and vases and filled with fun flowers, such as peonies or other delicate, pastel floral ideas. Alongside your flowers, be sure to fill other cups and vases with candy, pearl chocolates, and macarons! Chevrons, stripes, or floral patterns will keep a consistency throughout the decorations.

Tablescapes with large flower arrangements are a necessity. Perhaps consider a lace tablecloth. Muted colors and pastels create an atmosphere of peace. Of course, be sure to have several teapots, cups, and saucers. Feel free to mix and match patterns. Shop our dinnerware collections here.


Create a menu placed on each seat. The menu should feature quarter-cut sandwiches, tea, and a featured dessert. There are no real rules when it comes to what food you serve, so get creative! Consider cheese platters and salads, but try to stay on the lighter side.

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Cake and scones are the most exciting part of tea parties. Be sure to have an array displayed where it is accessible for people to get to at any time.


Last, but not least, the most important part, and why everyone is here: the tea! Serve both hot and iced tea. Have water available, as well, in beautiful glassware. Keep small bowls accessible with lemon slices, alongside cream and sugar. You can serve any type of tea that you think would please your guests.

Iced tea is also a great option. Consider making it a little fancier by freezing flowers or herbs inside of your ice cubes. Place in pitchers up and down the table with labels so your guests know which is which.

Be sure to enjoy along with your guests. You’ve worked hard for this party, so sit back, relax, and eat macarons! Also, be sure to shop Denby USA for the best teaware to buy. Cheers!




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