Rhubarb Gin Recipe

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This beautifully refreshing drink is perfect to enjoy throughout the summer.
Served in our contemporary Natural Canvas Large Tumblers, they are the ideal shape and size for serving an infused liquor.

Only taking 10 minutes to prepare, it’s quick, easy to make and highlights the delicious taste and color of rhubarb.


400g Fresh rhubarb

250g White Caster Sugar

700ml Gin

Tonic or soda water as preferred

1 Lemon



• Wash the rhubarb stalks and chop them into 2cm lengths. Place them in a jar and pour in the sugar

• Next, seal the jar and gently shake to cover the rhubarb – the sugar helps to release the juice from the rhubarb

• Add-in the gin and squeeze the juice from half a lemon

• Reseal the jar, shake again and store it in a cool place for up to two weeks until the mixture has turned a rhubarb pink color

• Serve in beautiful glasses straight from the jar or use a sieve and transfer to a bottle. Top with tonic or soda water for a refreshing taste and finish with a stalk of rhubarb in each glass.

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