Gift Registry Tips

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Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, so we’ve made a guide that’ll make your gift registry a piece of cake.

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Who you are as a couple will decide which gifts make it to your registry.
When thinking of your new life together, prioritize the essentials – things you’ll need followed by items you’d both enjoy having.

Make a (Long) List

Don’t be afraid of creating a large registry – your guests might just thank you for it.
By providing a large gift selection, your guests can choose the gift that aligns with their personal taste while staying within their budget.

Split It Up

Save your guests time and allow them to easily view all gifts in their budget by separating your gifts into three cost categories: under $50, $50 to $150, and over $150.
Luckily, we’ve done some of the work to get you started:

Under $50

$50 – $150

$150 and Over

Taking inspiration from the above registry ideas will ensure that your guests can contribute to your home without going over their budgets.
A heartfelt and personalized thank-you note sent promptly to each guest should mention the gift that was given by name. This will let them know that their gift was acknowledged and is appreciated.

Create your registry here and get inspired by our collections.

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