5 Reasons to Love Denby

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Think you know Denby?  Learn more about our iconic brand and find 5 more reasons to love Denby, this Valentine’s Day and beyond.



1. Our Process

From plates to teapots, our stoneware is created by artisans using traditional hand-crafted techniques and time-honored skills passed down from generation to generation.

Learn more about our process >





2. Our History

Quality and craftsmanship behind every piece – Denby is hand-crafted in the heart of England, where it has been for over 200 years, using iron rich clay sourced from just behind our factory.

Read more about our history >




3.3 Our Guarantee

Made only of superior strength clay and durable scratch resistant glazes, our pottery is designed to last a lifetime.  Our made in England ranges are backed by our 10 year guarantee.

Learn more about registering >




4. Our Collections4

With over 30 beautiful glazes paired with versatile pieces designed for any occasion, Denby is truly a perfect fit for any lifestyle.  Our collections are styled by life.

Get inspired by our collections >




5. Our Green CredentialsCapture

We care about the environment, alot. We reduce, reuse and recycle and are always striving to be more eco-friendly. The considered choice never looked so good.

Learn more about our sustainable practices >



There are lots of producers of ceramics and homewares to choose from but not many can offer a trinity of versatility, beauty and durability.  At Denby we ensure everything we design and craft has these three things so our users know they are getting great value in pieces that can be used and enjoyed every day, have true purpose and soul and will look lovely for years to come.


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