Building Collections

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Having trouble picking a collection that reflects your lifestyle? No worries, just create your own collection! Mix & Match pieces from different collections to help create your own personalized look for every occasion. Trust us, it works!

Blues Always Soothe

Featuring Studio Blue, Natural Denim, Heritage Pavilion Imperial Blue & NEW Hand-Decorated Mugs

As this trend begins to grow we asked our social media followers whether they preferred to mix and match their tableware or build a collection with every piece matching. 70% said they preferred to mix it up, combining different colors and styles with people describing it as “a way to express your personality.” Statement pieces such as our Denby Serving Bowls add texture to your table and are perfect for serving food during laid-back entertaining. Combine the soothing textures of our ridged serving bowls to create a unique collection.

“I love seeing the same colors used differently be it in pattern or shape.” – @mim_thetealady

Our hand-decorated mugs come in a variety of patterns, the soft muted pastels work tonally together making them easy to mix and match.

Mix & Match

If you prefer a more earthy feel our Studio Craft and Natural Canvas collection pair together beautifully. Studio Craft offers four tonal glazes in rich wood-inspired hues to create a natural look.

“Contrasting colors and textures provide depth, each piece has its own story” – @vturnbull2304

A varied collection of tableware allows hosts to serve food authentically in pieces made specifically for various world cuisines. With over 25 bowl shapes across our ranges we have something to suit every meal.

Be Botanical Bold

Featuring Greenwich, Heritage Orchard & Regency Green

Botanical prints and colors are still at the forefront of home styling trends. Mixing prints and block colors add a dynamic feel to ceramics and are a great way to bring bold colors to the table.

“Mixing and matching collections keeps things lively and fresh. Thereby fitting different situations and moods.” – @whitehillstudio

Our GreenwichHeritage Orchard, and Regency Green range work perfectly together to create this look.

NEW Hand-Decorated Mugs

Featuring Multi Striped, Blue Marbled, Multi Spot Painted, white & Grey Speckled Mugs

A textural collection of contemporary hand-decorated mugs which epitomes our artisan, hand-crafting skills, stunning glazes and techniques which have been perfected over 200 years. As they are hand-painted, each mug is unique. Perfect to give as gifts or to add to your Denby collection.

“Introducing individual ceramic is a great way to add a bit more personality to the home. Combining colours and textures opens up possibilities to build any existing collections with fresh, new pieces.” – Nicola Wilson, Senior Designer at Denby

Take a look at our Mug Sets to find the perfect pair for your special place!

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