Host a Fa-BOO-lous Party!

Halloween is a time to eat, drink and be scary. Whether you are planning a kid friendly celebration, a cocktail party or something in between, you’re going to need stylish dinnerware, glassware and more that will make your party the most fa-BOO-lous party of the year!

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Featuring our Halo Small Bowl

Did you know that Denby is iconic for its versatility? That’s right, Denby is not just for food. You can use your dinnerware as decoration too. To host such a fa-boo-lous party, you can fill bowls with frightful décor, candy of various colors, or set the table with a collection like Halo or Studio Grey to add that mysterious or spooky look to help set the vibe. Find out how you can use your dinnerware as decoration and more…

Create Your Own Table-Scare

Featuring our Halo Cereal Bowl | Dinner Plate | Small Tumbler

Host your very own Halloween party this year that will haunt your guests forever. Our Haunting Halo Collection is the perfect table-scare, we mean tableware for your party! Halo is a unique design which incorporates two tones of glaze to produce a striking, speckled finish. Handcrafted to the highest standard, Halo never disappoints.

TIP: Fold your napkins into spooky creatures or nocturnal animals to add some fun to your Halloween table-scare. Then add some eyes to really bring your table-scare to life!

Spook-tacular Studio Grey

Featuring our NEW Studio Grey Collection

Our NEW Studio Grey collection sets the perfect tone of spooky but also modern to match your home decor before and after the party. However, Studio Grey is most iconic for its versatility and now is a fa-boo-lous time to take advantage.

Here are two tricks you can use to display your treats:

  • Stack a cereal bowl upside down and place a dinner plate on top to create a quick and easy tower to display your treats – cookies, brownies, candy and more…
  • Fill our glassware with bright colored candy to add color to your display but also use it to hold your props for selfies.

See picture for reference – if you’d like to find out more about Studio Grey click the image “Spooky Studio Grey” Button below.

Jack-O-Plates and more!

Mix it up a little bit with different size plates, stack dinnerware to create your own DIY cake or cookie holder and so much more…

We offer a variety of other collections and patterns that can help with your Halloween Party planning. Find out which collection is best for you and your guests. Have a safe, fab-boo-lous and spook-tacular Halloween & be sure to share with us your ideas using #denbyusa when you post on social media!

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