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Christmas Biscuit Gift

A very economical but heartwarming gift that will mean so much more than a packet of shop bought biscuits!

Gift Wrapping with Fabric

Known as a ‘furoshiki’ wrapping cloth, this is a method that uses a single rectangular or square piece of fabric with a history that dates all the way back to 710 in Japan. Today, using fabric for wrapping is acknowledged as an eco-friendly, reusable, versatile and very economical way of wrapping gifts, not forgetting how beautiful it looks. Remember to let the receiver of your present know that the fabric can be re-used.

Christmas Sticky Roast Gammon

This is a large roast suitable for a crowd and you’ll need a large stockpot to boil the gammon. You can cook a smaller piece if you prefer – just reduce the quantities and cooking times accordingly. Approx  4 ½  hours Ingredients: 1 very large gammon joint, unsmoked, boneless but with fat and rind on

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Your Guide to Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is approaching quickly – here’s a quick guide to perfecting your party.   Shop Imperial Blue > Fiesta List 1. Food Make a burrito / taco bar with:  flour and corn tortillas, chicken, carnitas, and sofrita fillings, and toppings such as: rice, Mexican cheese,  shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, corn salsa and of course,

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Easter Entertaining

This Easter, enjoy the holiday by relaxing and entertaining in style. Natural Canvas  is the perfect range for decorating the home, refreshing the kitchen and even makes a stunning gift for a family member or friend. Due to its relaxed hue, Natural Canvas is a beautiful collection of tableware that promises to complement any interior.

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