The Denby Drinkware Guide

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Whether it’s coffee, tea or espresso you love,
Denby has the perfect choice of drinkware for you!

But first, coffee.

Hot or cold, “cuppa” or “cup-o-joe”.  However you take it or whatever you call it, coffee is one of everyone’s favorite beverages to start the day.  If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a coffee lover in your life, the French Press is the perfect item.  It’s a simple, elegant, and effective way to make coffee.  The Natural Canvas French Press features a durable textured glaze and built in stainless steel filter.  Just add hot water and your favorite flavored coffee and you’re just minutes away from a fresh brew.

Some of our favorite coffee pieces:

ugh copy.jpg     gs.jpg     uggdgh.jpg


There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of tea.

With endless flavors and health benefits, it’s no mystery why tea is celebrated by cultures around the globe. There’s no better way to enjoy a cup of tea than with artisan crafted Teacups and Teapots made with nothing more than the finest ingredients.  For your next tea party, steep your tea in the Halo Teapot.  The Halo collection features a unique speckled glaze design and handcrafted in England to the highest standard.

Some of our favorite teaware:

fe.jpg     hjgj.jpggdd.jpg


Espresso Yourself.

What’s not to love about espresso? These tasty drinks provide a caffeine boost in just a few sips. While these drinks are generally small and tend to be consumed quickly does not mean your espresso ware should be overlooked. Denby offers high quality hand crafted pieces that will make you crave your espresso just a little bit more.

Some of our favorite espresso pieces:

ugh.jpg  hjrhf.jpg  fsfs.jpg


When it comes to cocktails, not all glassware is created equal.

Denby has an assortment of glassware for your favorite alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink.  Choose from Small or Large Tumblers – the perfect size for a Bloody Mary or Screwdriver, and Red Wine Glasses, in different shapes and colors designed to bring your tasting experience to the next level.

Some of our favorite glassware:


Denby pottery is designed for living and made to last, so that you & your family can enjoy these beautiful yet durable pieces for a lifetime.

Thirsty for more? 

Shop our wide selection of made to last, Denby Drinkware products. From Tea Pots and Cafetieres to Mugs and Jugs. Denby has all you need for your favorite drink. Shop the collection >

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