Our Green Credentials

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The Denby Group is committed to continual environmental improvement and pollution prevention. Objectives and targets have been established and will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Here’s how we do it:

Denby was the first UK tableware manufacturer to be able to claim ‘zero to landfill’ for all our process waste. This saves approximately 600 tons of CO2 emissions each year. That’s the equivalent of all our 300+ Denby employees car journeys in a year being ‘carbon neutral’!

Because our quality standards are so high, any clay with faults is recycled into new stoneware. We save 2500 tons of raw clay, the equivalent of 350 fully loaded double decker buses!

We make all our molds from plaster of Paris. These are recycled to make plasterboard and every year 300 tons of plaster of Paris molds is enough to fully plaster 50 new homes!

Every year we recycle over 100,000 liters of glaze during the glazing process, that’s enough to glaze nearly 1 million pots!

We re-use 8 million liters of water per year and we purify and return to the water cycle 28 million liters of water. That’s enough to fill 12 Olympic size swimming pools!

We receive over 300 tons of packaging a year and it’s all recycled. And wherever possible we minimize the packaging we send out by using reusable totes.

And we are not stopping there, as we are committed to continuously finding new ways of making a positive contribution to the environment.


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